• Protect Your Smile

    Sipify is the first reusable straw specifically designed for hot beverages. “Air cool” your beverage just enough to not burn your mouth, giving you a similar experience to taking a gentle sip from the top of your cup. Drinking from a straw prevents staining your teeth.

  • No More Car Spills!

    Our customers tell us time and time again how convenient Sipify is for sipping on the go. No more hot beverage spills while getting where you need to go! Unique shape fits easily in to-go cup lids from your favorite coffee shop.

  • Sip With Confidence

    People with swallowing difficulties, including those with dysphagia arising from Parkinson’s Disease, have found Sipify's flow-limiting patented design to be particularly beneficial as it lets you control the amount of liquid per sip.

How Does Sipify Work?

  • 1. A straw draws from the bottom of the cup where your drink is hottest and can burn you.

  • 2. Sipify’s unique shape and air-tech system delivers optimized cooling for the perfect sip.

  • 3. Our specially engineered silicone cover is designed to allow air to pass through & provide comfort while you sip!

  • 4. Squeezing Sipify's cover controls the amount of air-flow, allowing you to choose the perfect level of cooling!

A Few FAQs

How big is it?

The Straws come in two sizes, Standard (6”) and Tall (8.5”)The cover is 2.75” long so that when assembled, the Standard is 6.75” and the Tall is 9.25”

How do I disassemble it?  

Sipifys are sent fully assembled, with a tight fit. It will get easier to disassemble and reassemble with use.Hold the straw horizontally to slide off the silicone cover, and vertically to slide it back into place. Refer to package insert for more information.

How does the Sipify cool your drink?

The Sipify draws air inside the straw to cool as you sip. You can vary the amount of cooling to find the perfect temperature for your drink. To lessen the amount of cooling, squeeze the dimples just under the Sipify logo. That stops the air from entering. Squeeze lightly to lessen the cooling, squeeze tightly to eliminate the air/cooling.

What comes with it?

All Sipify orders come with a carrying pouch and cleaning brush.

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